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About James

James Fierros is the executive producer, director, and editor for Fierros Film Inc. He has worked on various production sets across the United States, including the Netflix Original "7 Yards: The Chris Norton Story", Neil Tomba's "The Listening Road", and Sawyer Skipper's deep-sea documentary film "Jersey Offshore". His talents have also landed him roles on set for brands such as The Pro Football Hall of Fame, Adidas, Kia, Coca-Cola, Mary Kay, and Haggar.

James began his production career at 15 years old. After spending his high school years as a broadcast cameraman, he attended the film department of Southwestern A.G. University. Here, he earned his bachelor's degree in Digital Media Arts and began his professional journey as a freelance filmmaker on sets across the nation.  In February of 2020, James established Fierros Film as a production company designed to bring ambitious visions to the big screen .    

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